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WELCOME to the Grimsby & N.E.Lincolnshire Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

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2017 Pubs of the Year announced. See relevant page.

Our branch is responsible for monitoring the pub scene in an area bounded by Grimsby,Tetney, Marshchapel,Ludborough, Binbrook,Holton-le-Moor, Caistor, Kirmington,Ulceby and East Halton.

The aims of the Campaign are briefly:

To protect the interests of all those who wish to drink real beer.

To campaign for an improvement in quality of and variety of British beer.

To draw the attention to those places where real beer can be found.

To campaign for the retention of the facilities of the traditional British pub.

For a more in-depth overview of the organisation, see "What We Do".

Definition of Real Ale:
CAMRA defines real ale as beer that has been brewed and stored in the traditional way and has undergone secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed (cask-conditioned). Apart from the Scottish air pressure system, CAMRA does not recommend any beer dispense system which involves application of carbon dioxide, nitrogen or any other gas or mixture to cask conditioned beer. CAMRA also supports other beer styles (and cider/perry) as long as they conform to the definitions as laid down by the Campaign. See Also: Beer Styles

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