Reasons to Join CAMRA  


    Your Role: 

    1. To ensure the future of high quality traditional beer (Real Ale). The big boys in the brewing industry prefer the processed variety as it’s more profitable and can be marketed internationally.

    2. To ensure the wide availability of high quality traditional beer. The struggle to ensure that pubs and bars can serve a choice of beer continues.

    3. To preserve the traditional British pub. Trendy bars are fine when you are young; food pubs are great when you’re hungry but the trad. Pub is being squeezed out.

    4. To protect the drinkers’ interests. We’ve all suffered short measure pints. We’ve all moaned when beer prices go up faster than inflation or by more than in the Chancellor’s budget.

    5. CAMRA campaigns for the real ale drinker. It relies upon members’ subscriptions in order to keep the Campaign going. The more members, the more effective the Campaign can be and the better for your drinking future. 

    Your Benefits: 

    1. CAMRA members get free or reduced admission to most CAMRA-run beer festivals.

    2. CAMRA members get discounts on CAMRA products (e.g. Books and T-Shirts) +

    15% off
    national Express Coaches

    10% off
    Hotels with

    £20 worth of Wetherspoon real ale vouchers (40 x 50p off a pint)

    10% off outdoor clothing and equipment - Cotswold Outdoor

    10% off holidays with cottages4you

    3. CAMRA members get their own newspaper “What’s Brewing” mailed to them monthly plus a quarterly magazine - "Beer". "What's Brewing" is a high quality tabloid newspaper full of news on beer and pubs. It also gives advance details of every CAMRA beer festival in Britain.

    4. CAMRA members are allocated to a branch of their choice and may then join in a range of social activities including coach trips to pubs and occasionally to breweries.

    5. CAMRA members can have a real say in the way that the Campaign is organised and help select the local Pub of the Year and entries for the CAMRA’s flagship publication - the Good Beer guide.

    To find out more about membership, call our Membership Secretary, Martin on 01472 872163; email to or visit the national website