On this page we bring you all the news as reported at our monthly meetings.


    Winners have been declared

    Overall Pub Of The Year 2017.
     Is The Nottingham House, Cleethorpes.

    Town Pub Of The Year
    2017  is The Nottingham House, Cleethorpes.

    Second place: No.2 (Under the Clock), Cleethorpes rail station

    Third place: Willy's, High Cliff, Cleethorpes.

    Country Pub Of The Year 2017. is Clickem Inn, Swinhope.

    Second place: Station Inn, Habrough

    Third Place: Blacksmith's Arms, Rothwell.

    Click   "Pubs of the Year" tab for details.If you have visited a pub, please feel free to pop any updates to http://whatpub.com where you may also score the beers.

    Updates from Grimsby & NE Lincolnshire CAMRA

    Attendance has been roughly about twelve members per meeting except at the recent AGM when attendance reached 19.

    Firstly may I apologise for the lack of updates from the local branch, unfortunately I have had other matters to attend to but hopefully we can get back to regular updates.

    The committee were voted back in so there is no change in the posts but we still have vacant positions if you have any spare time.

    The Treasurer provided a report for the meeting

    Membership: A report was provided for the meeting.


    Updated 5 May 2017